Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my child just have an assessment?
A. Yes. The decision to treat the child is entirely yours although you will be advised as to their need.

Q. How much therapy will I have to plan/budget for?
A. That is also your (informed) decision. Therapy sessions can be varied for length and frequency. Therapy breaks are often advisable to enable a child to consolidate new skills before progressing further.

Q. Will I forfeit my child’s right to therapy from the NHS if I go for independent therapy?
A. No. I liaise with the local NHS service and we coordinate therapy so that neither you nor the child is confused. Sometimes I can “fill in” when the NHS service has a gap or if a child is on a waiting list. My time is sometimes more flexible than that available from the NHS.

Q. Do I always recieve an assessment/therapy report?
A. Not automaticaly but reports will be written at your request.

Q. Do other people recieve copies of the reports?
A. No. A report is your document, to be distrobuted at your discretion. I respectfully request that I be informed of recipients.

Q. Is therapy always offered?
A. No. The need for therapy will be discussed with you. Sometimes therapy is not advisable because of circumstances (family bereavement, new baby, family illness, an anticipated house move, etc) or in view of recent spontaneous progress. There may be any one of a number of reasons but the decision NOT to treat will be mine.

Q. Will there be homework?
A. Yes. This is essential to consolidate new skills so that the next session can extend the child’s ability. Homework will normally be 5-10 minutes per day.

Q. Will I have to stay for the session?
A. Yes. Either you or the person who will be following up the session with home/school activities.

Q. Will you correct my child’s accent? He drops his aitches at the beginning of words, says “fink” for “think” and “ca” for “cat”.
A. No. You may wish to consult an elocutionist.

Q. How do I refer my child to you?
A. Pick up the phone or send an e-mail; referral is direct from parents/carers.

Q. How do I contact You?
A. By phone 01793 710 776 or 07760238929, or by Email

Q. What areas do you cover?
A.Newbury, Swindon, Thatchan, Wantage, and South Oxfordshire.

Q. How is therapy delivered?

  • Face to face individual home visits.
  • Clinic visits.
  • Weekly, fornightly, monthly or sporadically.
  • Support visits to nurseries/schools.
  • Home programme supported by telephone contact.
  • Group therapy in conjunction with local colleagues.
  • Parent groups in conjunction with local colleagues.

Q. What are your charges?
A. See next page.