Aims of Service

Aims At Assessment

To explore all strengths and weaknesses in the child’s language development, from parental and school reports, observation and formal, often standardised, assessments. I take a holistic approach, looking at character, environment, educational and social circumstances in order to put the child’s language development into context.

To communicate my findings and explain what is and isn’t within normal limits to the parents/carers either verbally or verbally followed by a report. Implications and ways forward will be discussed; strategies will need to be informed by the carers, whose knowledge of the child is crucial.

Aims For Therapy

  • To help the child to reach his or her speech and/or language potential.
  • To work at the interface between ability and difficulty.
  • To proceed at the child’s pace.
  • To protect the child’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • To facilitate carers’ involvement in therapy techniques.