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Julia Blake is a speech and language therapist with 44 years experience

Julia Blake is a speech and language therapist with 41 years experience

Speech and Language problems in children are very common and can often rectify themselves over time. However, there are also cases when help from a speech and language therapist can make all the difference. The difficulty most parents have is knowing when to seek help.

Speech & Language Therapy Could Help

Speech and language therapy is the treatment for most children with speech and/or language disorders and delay.

What Is A Speech & Language Disorder?

A speech disorder is a problem with the production of sounds, and a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas.

I Have Concerns About My Child. What do I Do Now?

Give me a call on 01793 710 776 and 07760 238929 or send an email to juliablakeslt@hotmail.co.uk for an informal chat about your concerns. There will be no charge for this discussion and there will be no obligation on either side to proceed further. However, if we are in agreement to proceed then we can arrange an appointment for your childs initial assessment.

What Will Happen Next?

Once the appointment has been made, I will send you a copy of my terms and conditions for you to read, sign and return. This is our contract.

The initial assessment will take place in your home. Most sessions are approximately one hour but this may vary according to the individual childs ability to concentrate and comply. At this time we can discuss the need for further assessment or decide on a way forward.

If therapy is found to be necessary, this can be provided at a frequency to suit you. The therapy may consist of individual visits, home programmes, telephone support, school/nursery visits etc. Individual sessions usually take place in the childs home as this is often a more relaxed atmosphere for the child. However, a clinic session can also be arranged if you prefer.

Some Other Useful Information

  • Referrals may be made to other specialists in consultation with parents.
  • Liaison with NHS therapists is routine and in the interests of your child.
  • Progress will depend on the commitment of parents to follow through with the tasks at home between appointments.
  • Reports may be supplied at parents’ request.
  • Recovery of costs will be a matter between the parents and their insurers.